November 8, 2013

weekend reading: ifb links à la mode.

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monday’s post on racial profiling in the retail world was featured in the independent fashion bloggers’ weekly post round up, links à la mode. it’s a curated list of the 20 best posts from the past week of all those submitted by members, and i’m honored to have mine included. this week’s collection has everything from an interview with an anthropologie designer to taking a good selfie to the challenges of finding petite clothing. i’m excited to check out these over the weekend where i’ll be relaxing at home, working on the redesign, and indulging in a spa day (more on that later). i’d love to hear your thoughts on the profiling issue, it’s such an important topic…and have a lovely weekend!



c’est chic.
i’m writing this from a hotel room in new york today. coming to new york always makes me think about style… since NYC is probably one of the most stylish places in the world. what makes an outfit “work?” is it the actual pieces, or your je ne sais quoi? not knowing, or trying to quantify is what keeps the fashion media in business. which is why I always love browsing through the links. this week we have all kinds of tricks and tips on how to style your wardrobe, how to put it all together, so whether or no you have that je ne sai quoi you’ll at least look damn good.

Arash Mazinani: How to Create ‘The French Wardrobe”
Attire Club: How to incorporate colorful socks in your wardrobe
Beauty and Sass: saving face: 5 DIY ways to revive old or broken makeup
Bomb Petite: Petite Clothes – The Bigger Picture
Carly Tati: Meet Ou Lin, Anthropologie Designer
Fashstach: Fide Fashion Week 2013 | Julien Fourni?
Geek Chic Zone: A Selfless Look on Taking a Selfie
J’Adore Couture: thoughts on: racial (and any other kind of) profiling.
Kate Like Me: How to Style–Leather Jackets
Kiri Yanchenko: Spring Summer 2014 Trends Part 3 – Quirky Prints
Lollie Shopping: Kerry Washington’s SNL Fashion Looks
Modly Chic: How to Wear the Camo Trend
Style Bizzare: How To Build an Outfit
The Sassy Girl: 5 ways Instagram can help you be a Better Blogger
TLV Birdie: Fashion hunt for perfect platform loafers – guide
Two Take on Style: Tattoos as a Fashion Statement
Under a Veil: DIY Project: Christopher Kane’s tapped top
We Are Ready Made: Black is such a Happy Colour
What to Wear Where: Now At Bergdorfs: Design Your Own Custom Manolos!

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this week i was honored to be included in the independent fashion bloggers’ links à la mode round-up. it’s a curated list of the 20 best posts from the past week of all those submitted by members, and my post on wednesday about dressing your age. i do love the theme of all of this week’s posts—about finding your true self, and being confident in that (no matter what anyone else may think or say). it’s definitely some good weekend reading while we’re waiting for the june fashion mags. thanks again to ifb, and hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
(and i’m loving your comments on the age & style debate…keep them coming!)


beauty positive by jennine jacob
real beauty comes from within. it’s an old saying, and generally i find it to be true. beautiful people have positive souls. but…it never hurts to have good makeup and style to make your inner beauty shine. this week we have a great mix of beautifying tips on several levels to bring out the very best in you. from positive fashion quotes, owning your age & style, to nixing online bullying in the fashion community, body positive thinking and actual beauty tips galore. As a beauty junkie, i was delighted to read all the beauty tips! of course, we have loads of style tips to get your started for the coming summer season!

Attire Club: Choose Your Glasses According To Your Face Shape
Beach Living City Loving: Favorite Beauty Products: Part 1- Drugstore
Cosmolawitain: H&M’s Expansion Into India
Coverrated: Shoes are the new corsets
Fashion Files: Interview Style
Fashion Is Evolution: The Phenomenon of Bullying in the Blogging Community
[Flash] Frame: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eyeliner Review
I Am Turquoise: 5 Ways to Wear: Denim Vest
J’Adore Couture: the one thing: dressing your age
La Vie en Couleur: How to Dress Like a Parisian
Nothing to Wear: Say Something: positive and uplifting fashion quotes
Rose & Pine: Stunning Spring Sunnies for Under $40!
Romeo Style: Think Outside The Box For Prom. Part 1
Serving Up Fairy Dust.. The Best Makeup Primer for Sensitive Acne Prone Skin
Style Vanity: What to Wear to Weddings?
The Fashionable Wife: Maxi Styling
The Fitted Frame: The Skinny on Body Image
The Photogramps: Making a Simple Dress Unique
Undercover Dress-Up: Porcelain Print
Wild Beauty World: Peggy Olson at Work? Cosmetic Ads from 1968

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