November 28, 2012

to & from: a gift sized gift guide.

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this weekend, i started thinking about putting together some gift guides of my own when i came across to & from magazine. thoughtfully compiled by meg and katie, it combines elegant design with picks from some super stylish (and crafty!) folks. what’s amazing is the number of choices: family, pets, co-workers, color lovers, decorators, beauty buffs, kids—you name it, it’s included. and did i mention all the links are clickable? it makes shopping so simple. there’s also some great selections for those on a budget, plus holiday d.i.y’s, and downloadable gift tags. i also love seeing picks from some of my favorite people like blair, alicia, jessie, erin, caitlin, caitlin moran, and more.

not only did i see tons of things to get as gifts, but also things to tell others to get me! meg and katie did an outstanding job and i can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeve for the next issue out in the spring. so if you’re looking for a gift, don’t search to and fro, check out to & from.