May 15, 2014

thoughts on: what’s appropriate for work?

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in case you didn’t know, it has been exceptionally warm in san francisco this week. today it was 91 degrees at 2pm and was hotter by 5. any time the temperature goes about 73, it seems people pull out their shorts, sandals, etc. and take full advantage of the warmth. i get that. i work in an office, a fairly creative office of a major retailer, but the last few days, i’ve noticed some looks that i would personally call questionable. destroyed denim or lace shorts, crop tops, high slits and backless dresses. it made me think about dress codes, and what is and what isn’t acceptable or appropriate at work. these days, there are those that work in a creative or tech office (where wearing flip flops and hawaiian shirts is ok), but there’s also those that are in more traditional fields, like finance, medicine, business where a dress code is probably still in full effect (like business casual—although i’m not even sure what that means anymore).

so if you don’t have a specific dress code, do you have things that you deem not appropriate for the office? is it crop tops or destroyed denim or something else? i’d love to hear in the comments…

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