January 18, 2007

things can only get better.


right? they have to after this travesty of a cover anna wintour allowed to trees to be killed for. what is up with renee’s face? and what’s up with the random rabbit?

so i know what your saying to yourself, “surely the contents must be better?”

well, in a word, no.

the editorials are as follows:

“do it yourself” by steven meisel with agyness, hilary rhoda and lily donaldson
“parka avenue” by david sims with gemma ward
“lean and mean” by patrick demarchelier with caroline trentini and hana soukupova
“carry the day” by raymond meier with coco rocha
“reluctant romeo” by mario testino, piece on hugh grant

yes, you do see lily, gemma, hana, and caroline trentini’s names again. the meisel ed is reminiscent of one, also with lily donaldson where girls are doing laundry, except this time it’s a construction site. “lean and mean” looks just like lily’s pants ed that was in bazaar and like every other white background ed caroline has done in the past two months. “carry the day” looks just like lisa cant’s accessories ed from a few months ago, also done by meier (thankfully coco keeps her mouth closed). gemma’s ed with david sims on anoraks isn’t bad, but it’s not great either.

if you subscribe to this issue, you’ve now got something to keep in your restroom. if you don’t, don’t waste your $3.99 (plus tax in some places).

pic from yohan.co.jp