August 20, 2012

the one thing: the eye has to travel.

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the eye has to travel is a documentary about the life and work of famed fashion editor diana vreeland, written and produced by lisa immordino vreeland (who is married to vreeland’s grandson). from her difficult upbringing to her rise at harper’s bazaar—is there anything more iconic than her “why don’t you…” column?)—to her time as editor-in-chief at vogue and as a consultant at the metropolitan museum of art (where her assistant was andré leon talley), the film chronicles her fifty years in the business. it’s not just a tribute, but a story told in vreeland’s own voice and in the voice of her friends and collaborators. the movie doesn’t come out until mid-september, but there’s a companion book available now that has photos, sketches, stories and more from vreeland’s career and how she shaped what it means to be a fashion editor today. i’ve been pouring through it recently and it’s been a great source of inspiration. check out the trailer for the movie above.

the eye has to travel (facebook | tumblr), in limited release started september 21