May 4, 2011

taking a fashion risk.

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i always love seeing how runway fashion (real runway pieces, not the looks that are redone for retailers in a more sedate way) is interpreted for real life. some of the more extravagant looks are only fit for the oscars or a gala, or when people try to wear them off the runway, the results are disatrous. when i first saw the pink lace dress near the end of the no. 21 show in february, i adored it, with it’s feminine silhouette and flirty back. but pink lace? not the easiest thing in the world to wear. insert diane kruger, who wore the dress to the premiere of “pieds nus sur les limaces” (lily sometimes) in berlin a few weeks ago. i love the confidence in which she wears this dress (sans glittery extras) and the contrast between the frills of the dress and the sturdiness of the aqua suede pumps (brian atwood ‘felini’). one of my style mantras is soft with hard, and here it is executed beautifully.

pics of diane kruger courtesy of tifan via thefashionspot