October 1, 2007

s/s 2008 paris: christian dior.

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people either love or hate john galliano. they seem to love when his shows are crazy, eccentric messes (see kabuki queens, elvis rockabilly, and goth fest), and then hate when he gets “real” and makes *gasp* wearable clothes. this season is one of those *gasp* moments.

it’s surprisingly tame…i mean, for galliano. the 20s-30s inspired collection (which he reference marlene dietrich again) looks like a mix of valentino and ralph lauren with some dior thrown in. many red carpet ready dresses. some great suits with draped skirts, slouchy suspender trousers and gorgeous stamped velvet dresses.

so what do you think…do you love crazy galliano or wearable galliano?

pics from elle.com