September 12, 2014

spring 2015 new york: co.

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hollywood and fashion are like peanut butter and jelly—forever to be linked. so of course i was totally intrigued by co, started by a screenwriter (justin kern, a former model who used to assist mario testino…what?!) and a film producer (stephanie danan). the l.a. based duo utilizes their connections in their lookbooks, teaming with marisa tomei, amanda demme, and thomas bangalter of daft punk on films and images. their intention is to create classic clothing with a twist, and after going back to check out fall and resort, i’d say they nailed it.

the spring collection, inspired by ballerina aurelie dupont, is just stunning, with tiered ruffled dresses, lace track pants, voluminous shirts, and wide leg trousers that formed sculptural silhouettes. because so much was going on there, the colors were kept simple: black, white, and blush, with a bit of cobalt and a pretty black-based floral. needless to say, i’ll be checking out co at barneys and curve sooner than later.

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