November 27, 2013

shop small holiday: moorea seal.

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this saturday is small business saturday, a sort of antithesis to the big box black friday and a chance to support these retailers during your holiday shopping. i love to support smaller stores and online boutiques year round, which is why this year my gift guides are all from small businesses. the first is from moorea seal, an online shop started earlier this year by one of my favorite design bloggers. moorea is an artist through and through—dabbling in everything from jewelry making, graphic design, illustration, and photography. now she uses her trained eye to put together a wonderful shop full of unique jewelry, paper goods, home accessories, bags, and more from a variety of designers, and like cat of ethos, she looks to brands with whom she can create a personal relationship with, those that really resonate. with that in mind, moorea seal donates a percentage of all sales of five charities as part of its do good, do great philosophy.

here are some things i love from moorea seal…and stay tuned for more #shopsmallholiday gift guides.

cleopatra collar / infinity earrings / oversized metallic fold clutch /  joy to you set of 6 holiday cards / courage wall hanging / moving trees scarf (on sale!) / delilah cuff set

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