October 24, 2007

good intentions.


i rushed from work, took 2 buses (including the horrid 30…but we won’t go there), and by the time i made it to barneys, the sa’s had packed up most of the shoes, bags and dresses for travel to the beverly hills barneys, where the balenciaga trunkshow starts thursday. boooooooo. not that i could try anything on (at least not from the runway), but i was at least hoping for more pics.

i can tell you that the collection is amazing in person. the first group of dresses are about $8,400 (much less than the $25k first exit from f/w), and are alot like armor. the material feels like a scuba suit, and has small perforations in it so you don’t sweat like a pig. the seaming was all hand-done and the colors are so freaking vibrant…you’ll definitely be noticed in anything from this collection.

the last section of pieces, in the solid colors have the same structured feel and silhouette as the beginning. many of the looks reminded me of vintage balenciaga pieces, especially the shoulders and armholes. the skirt above was one of my favorite looks…i was surprised to learn that the skirt is actually double layered: the blue part was the same structured material as the rest of the collection, and the bottom layer was a muslin-like material with horizontal ribbing. the sa said that the stiffer material wasn’t great for sitting, but they are making many of the pieces in other, more wearable fabrics.

so did i get anything, you may ask? i preordered this lovely silk non-runway dress in the blue floral shown (although i really wanted it in the black/grey floral, which is special order only). they only had a size 36, which fit in the top but was too tight in the skirt, so i ordered it in a 38. i’m so excited to get it…have to wait until april.

the shoes were also gorgeous…the tall gladiator sandals was run about $4,000. The heel is metal and painted enamel. some of the shoes have a black/white striped heel, and others have a gold “birdcage” heel (where you can see the steel rod inside). i preordered a pair of non-runway sandals in blue patent with a chunky heel. i was hoping to have a pic of those today…oh well.

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