October 9, 2007

same ‘ol thing.


scarlett johansson bores me to tears. i don’t think she’s a very good actress (except for the prom dress shopping video from snl) and her style sense sometimes leaves alot to be desired. i guess the one thing she has going for her is that she isn’t a size 2, and she’s comfortable (and confident) in her own skin, and that’s refreshing in an age of “thin is in.”

that being said, i’m not loving this photo on the cover of november’s elle, especially after last month’s stellar issue with reese witherspoon. i was kinda hoping that new editor joe zee wouldn’t fall into the predictability others like vogue have…same actresses talking about the same crap on every magazine cover. the funny thing is that this issue features a “women in hollywood” portfolio including lauren bacall, amy adams, diane lane, kate bosworth and jennifer connelly. jennifer connelly!! now why couldn’t she have been on the cover? this issue also features an ed with anne v and susan eldridge (by matthew vriens), and nina garcia helps you shop in the style of your favorite hollywood icon: grace kelly, marilyn monroe, ann-margaret, jane birkin, mia farrow (i’m assuming in the rosemary’s baby years).

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