January 9, 2012

the one thing: the fashion bible.

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don’t get my wrong, i love keeping fashion scrapbooks. i’ve been doing it since around 2003 for the fall and spring seasons. i include a collage of runway images, articles from my favorite magazines, red carpet pics, plus ad campaigns and it makes a great at-a-glance look at the biggest trends and news. that being said, the vogue paris collections magazine includes a runway images and a synopsis from the four fashion capitals, plus accessories images, which makes it great to shop from (or window/couch shop). the covers are interesting as well, this one being devoted to the fabulous alexander mcqueen collection, but ones past featured a rainbow effect or are devoted to one model. i’ve found compared to the other magazines that do this sort of issue (elle uk collections, etc.), vogue paris’ book is the most comprehensive (albeit the most expensive) one around. it’s the perfect visual eye candy to start off the week.