November 6, 2007

one of my favorite things.


i love t-shirts. right now, i have about 50 printed/graphic ones and probably twice as many plain ones. the printed ones run the gamut from abercrombie & fitch to old navy to concert tees that are completely weathered and worn. my favorite plain short sleeve tees are by splendid and j.crew because of the color range, the weight (great for year round) and the length (longer is better…i don’t like my tummy peeking out).

i remember back in the day when my favorite tee was the favorite t-shirt from the gap. they were alot cheaper than my new favorites (splendid t-shirts can run up to $60). i know some women are all about james perse or petit bateau, but neither was right for me. after reading some comments on thefashionspot about the t-shirts from the row (and seeing pics of the twins in them), i was intrigued. but paying over $100 for a t-shirt seemed downright blasphemous.

that was until i saw them at maxfield this past july. they were so amazingly soft, and the v-neck wasn’t a hard v but more of a scooped out one, which was much more flattering. i would have bought one on the spot, but i was with my boyfriend, and i knew what he would say about a $100 t-shirt.

flash to september, and barneys opens here and they have some row stuff, including some t-shirts. i’m tempted, but again i pass. then it begins to haunt me, especially a charcoal grey one (my new favorite color). so i go back to barneys…alas, the charcoal one is gone. but my second favorite color black is there. so i buy. i’m in love.