June 23, 2008

the namesake.


marc jacobs is probably one of my favorite handbag designers. from the first time i saw the stella, with its gleaming pewter hardware, double handles and uptown-yet-downtown design, i was hooked. and marc has a tendency to name his bags after his friends and colleagues. the sofia (coppola) and stella (tennant) were soon joined by the venetia (scott, his longtime stylist) anouck (lepere), stam (jessica), robert (duffy, his business partner), christy (turlington) and many others.

around the time of his fall/winter show, marc exchanged emails (and phone calls) with blogger bryanboy and even proposed naming the ostrich satchel shown above after him. it was one of those “only on the internet” things that you wondered would come true. flash forward to last week, when marc sent bryan the bag that was carried by ekat kiseleva on the runway, with a note saying the bag will officially be known as the sunburst bb. he even sent a link to it on the luisa via roma site to prove it.

i am officially jealous.

marc had a kim bag that was a nordstrom exclusive for spring 06. not sure if it was named for kim gordon or lil’ kim, but no matter…it wasn’t really my style. first off, it was only 10.5″ x 6.5,” which isn’t big enough for my work stuff and purse stuff (wallet, makeup bag, etc). if i were designing a new kim bag for me, i think i’d want a variation on the sweet punk sid bowler, but taller, more like a tote bag (still with the double straps). the leather on these is so yummy, and i think it would look great dressed up or down.

so if you could get your favorite designer to do a bag named after you, what would you want?

stella pic, elements of style; runway pic, style.com; kim bag pic, bagbliss.com