November 13, 2007

mini me.

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i’ve never really been into designer kids clothes. probably because a. kids grow so damn fast that they are rendered obsolete in months and b. they are too freakin’ expensive. hey, if garanimals and levi’s were good enough for me, then why not my kid? $130 for a pair of kids’ jeans? i don’t think so.

well that was until i saw the kids collections from two of my favorite designers, phillip lim and marc jacobs. i had no clue phillip lim even made kids clothes, but the other day i was checking out his holiday collection and there they were. all the pieces look like miniature versions of the adult ones, right down to the patent leather bomber and the polka dot party dress. not sure what the prices are like, but i imagine it’s pricey. i love the first outfit…i could see my daughter rocking that someday, complete with checked vans.

the little marc collection is more casual than phillip lim, and have more uniqueness to them, like the designers really thought about what kids wanted to wear and not downsizing adult pieces. the looks include wool toggle coats, cord pants, floral print dresses, bright striped sweaters, velvet dresses layered over long sleeve knits, flannel shirts and line art sweatshirts. there’s also shoes (including mouse flats and wellies), cashmere scarves, backpacks, and stiped tights. marc is even devoting a space in west village for his little devotees. not in new york? you can score some pieces at marc by marc boutiques, including the one on fillmore street in san francisco.

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