August 28, 2008

jump for your love.


when i think of a jumpsuit, my mind goes back to being a kid and the rompers my mom would put me in, in primary colors or garanimal prints. to me, the jumpsuit always struck me as something more casual (unless it was done by ysl), but right now, it’s having a moment, showing up on red carpets and runways left and right.

amber tamblyn wore a cute fendi resort one piece to the premiere of the sisterhood of the traveling pants 2. while her costars donned the typical red carpet fare (knee length dresses, strappy heels, etc.), she took a risk and it paid off. it fit her perfectly and she kept the styling simple. selma blair (at top) picked a marchesa tux jumpsuit for a film festival, and again, it looks great. the pants are the right length, the fit is amazing, and it shows off her figure.

stella mccartney seems to be a major pusher of the one piece: maggie gyllenhaal added another dose of her unique style by wearing a mccartney silk halter to a hulk premiere, while friend gwyneth paltrow chose a more formal version (but also with a halter) during her press tour for iron man. the look works on gwynnie, but it’s also the construction. the silk is too loose

mccartney also does a slouchier one piece, which seems to only look good on the runway, and sometimes not even then. take amanda laine, who looks like she’s heading to bed in the vuitton jumpsuit. then amy adams wore it earlier this year, and it just looks messy; the miles of fabric overwhelm her small frame. now that jumpsuits have trickled down to zara, topshop, h&m, etc., you’ll be more likely to see them in your favorite store, but proceed with caution. watch the cut and the fabric and above all, make sure it fits, and not like pj’s.

celeb pics except gwyneth/maggie from celebutopia; gwy/maggie pic,; runway pics,