January 24, 2007

spring 2007 haute couture: givenchy.

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riccardo tisci based the givenchy haute couture collection on his hometown of taranto, puglia, and “the metamorphosis of sailors into mermaids.” the collection, and setting, was a beautiful merger of gothic melancholy and romantic beauty. gold buttoned officer jackets with intricate openings and structure married with long trumpet hem skirts, wide gauchos, and slim trousers.

the first section also had skinny suits with high waist pants, done in a gorgeous algae print on black, black close fitting long goth dresses with overextended sleeves and dragging hems, topped with oversized hats and worn with lace up open-toe booties.

from there, the sailor turned into a mermaid, first dressed in navy: long satin skirts and silk gowns with rope trim, then bright yellow chiffon. the final section of gowns, awash in greige, were adorned with seashell, plastic and other ocean embroidery, mesh overlays that resembled fish netting, and treated in crinkled chiffon and diamond pleating.

pics from style.com