October 11, 2013

it’s the weekend aka me time.

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yesterday was our final holiday walkthrough, and the reaction to the marketing and store was amazing. our leadership was very impressed with everything and it was great feeling to know that the designs were approved with very minor edits. what i do is such a collaborative effort, and i love the visual and merch teams that i work with on a daily basis…they are super passionate about what they do, and the nicest people.

so that means the weekend is all about me! well, me as in catch-up time with loved ones coupled with improving the blog and networking at the ifabbo conference tomorrow. it’s exactly the recharge i need to power through with the website redesign (which is still going…doing this is harder than i thought!) and getting ready for our spring photoshoot in a few weeks!

hope you all have a fabulous weekend of me time too!

photos via 1 / 2 edited by me