August 31, 2007

is it me?


balenciaga, always the fashion trendsetter, was tagged again by editors and buyers alike as one of the top collections for fall, by me included. but as with everything else in the luxury sector, the collection does not come cheap. the tie-dyed dress on lily? $5600. a pinstriped blazer? $2300. i do have some runway pieces from balenciaga that i try to incorporate into my own looks, but as somewhat of an fashion chameleon, i was anxious to check out one piece in particular from the collection and see if i could pull it off. it’s the tie dye dresses.

i went to zara last night because i wanted to check out a marni-esque dress i had seen. it wasn’t there but i did spy two tie dye mixed print dresses ala balenciaga. i loved the pattern on the first one (above), the black/white sections mixed with the more vibrant red/orange parts. it also had an interesting black satin stripe in the center of the halter neckline and around the dropped waist. $149…not bad. the second one (below) had an allover tie dye print which was more reminiscient of the runway dresses. i liked the more streamlined silhouette and the cowl neckline. that one was $129.

in the end, after trying both on, i realized neither was really me. i liked the coloring and style of the first one better, but the satin stripe at my hip was really unflattering. besides, i’m not really a tie dye girl. i’ll probably pick up one of j.crew’s edged blazers instead and wear it with my purple ysl saint germain loafers.