January 31, 2007

i know what guys want.


nicolas ghesquière presented a collection for balenciaga homme that was part gap, part british punk, part grunge and part futuristic. you’d think with all those “parts,” something would go awry. but no. he seemed to know exactly how to blend the elements together to produce a look that was completely modern and also completely wearable.

the pieces included leather bombers, thinly layered knits, slim charcoal and black trousers, black and cream striped button neck sweaters and long scarves, and jackets made of shearling or in wool with fur collars and golden buttons, herringbone vests. i wasn’t crazy about the tie-dyed and acid washed jeans in the beginning (reminded me of my high school years) or the pleated khakis (too gap), but the crested sweater and varsity “B” sweater layered over a striped knit were my favorites, and the bags (red canvas with black leather trim or navy or hunter green leather with outer zip pockets) were very un-moto-like and also very cool.