July 1, 2008

happy accidents.


my personal style is still a work in progress but i like being “dressed.” i wear jeans, but i also wear alot of skirts, mixed with t-shirts, silk blouses, and thin cashmere, and layered with long cardigans, blazers, and (95% of the time) heels. i haven’t gotten to the point where i can photograph what i wear every day, but i love the stylemavens out there that do it. i get some great ideas from my favorites, including catie (aka cuffington), karla, and rumi.

rumi has a knack for making wardrobe basics look great…vintage blazers, leger-like tube skirts, rugged boots, and cutoff jeans. imagine my surprise today on a post-work trip to forever21 (i love their earrings…they have a great “street-vendor” feel) and i spotted rumi immediately from those highly covetable marc jacobs ankle boots (and that gorgeous nightingale). my first thought is, why didn’t i spend more time getting dressed!

my ensemble consisted of a gap slouchy sweatshirt, h&m skinny jeans, old navy canvas platforms, (and not pictured, my well loved zara leather jacket and a blue goyard tote). rumi looked amazing in a vintage polo jacket, mini, fringed scarf, layered bracelets, and said shoes and bag. i also got to meet her frequent partner in crime lulu, who was equally stylish in cutoff shorts (rumi’s!) and those gorgeous marni powder blue patent and red heels! they were both so sweet and hopefully i will see more of them around the city. seeing them in person made me realize that your personal style is all about consistency, putting a bit of effort into getting dressed every day. so tomorrow morning, no throwing on just anything…i’m gonna at least think about it. rumi’s got pics of her and lulu’s outfits up…check them out!

pics of rumi from fashiontoast.com