May 9, 2007

going backwards.


some june magazines are taking women back thousands of years, figuratively. after a few months of mags featuring positive role models, like jennifer hudson, america ferrera, and mandy moore, we’re back into the stone ages where women are glorifying themselves as sex objects or turning their criminal troubles into newsstand best-sellers.

remember a few months ago when naomi campbell showed up at her community service dressed to the nines? this was why. she was followed by photographer steven klein, and kept a journal of her experiences. the issue also features a great editorial by ryan mcguinness featuring kate moss, and craig mcdean shoots modeling’s new faces, including chanel iman, denisa, and everyone’s current fav (along with catherine mcneil), lara stone.

bazaar’s cover really is quite bazaar, with simple life costars paris hilton and nicole richie sharing duties. inside, they wear zebra print outfits while they run from police. sound familiar? i thought the nude britney cover was bad, but bazaar has sunk to new lows with this one.

and at elle, jessica biel gets the cover, no doubt promoting her movie next with nicolas cage, and her budding celebrity. biel seems like an intelligent woman, doesn’t hang with the partying lohan/richie crowd, and has a healthy body…in general, a great role model for young women. so why does elle make her look like a vegas showgirl, complete with maxim-esque pose? so very disappointing.

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