August 14, 2008

fuzzy wuzzy.


as september issues goes, vogue is usually the biggest and best. except not so much the last few years. the kirsten dunst/marie antoinette cover was a bust, and sienna miller‘s second cover in 18 months wasn’t much better. so what does vogue do for 08? after briefly teasing us with natalie portman, another brit, keira knightley makes the cut (making this her fourth cover in three years). there are so many things wrong with the cover that i don’t know where to begin, but her styling seems a good place to start. as great as the balenciaga collection is, the outfit is not screaming september blockbuster cover and her hair looks like the stylist ran out of time. and the background also looks strange and too busy.

inside, the contents are surprisingly better than usual. even though anna-fave caroline trentini is back (in two eds), they’re actually good (no jumping!) the first, “self-reflection” by steven klein will make you wonder if you’re still looking at vogue. the styling (by tonne goodman) is reminiscent of vogues from early 00, and you can’t take your eyes off caroline in each shot she’s in. and with jessica stam, catherine macneil, anna maria jagodzinska, and isabeli fontana, that’s a tall order. in trentini’s other ed, “flights of fancy” by arthur elgort, she’s teamed with the boys of billy elliot in an ethereal shoot.

coco rocha stars in the impressionist-inspired “on a whim” (by craig mcdean) wearing winter florals and furs. the styling by tabitha simmons was on point, and for once she didn’t have her mouth open in every shot. in thinking about the theme, she has a quality that made her perfect for the ed.

also inside is sasha pivovarova in “noble endeavors,” a piece on alexander mcqueen (shot by david sims), and “2 for 1 special” by steven meisel featuring amber valletta and kirsty hume (as well as valletta’s husband and son). unfortunately it’s here that vogue dips into familiar territory, which is a shame because i love seeing eds with valletta. in general, once you get past the cover, there is alot to be had inside.

scans by alix and luxx at thefashionspot