March 8, 2008

falling into the gap.


i’ve been feeling somewhat of a let down now that the fall shows have wrapped up. i’m not checking my computer first thing in the morning to see new collections, seeing pics my friend’s took outside the venues (one had great shots of the olsen twins outside chanel), or dissecting pics to decide if i think a show is blog worthy (alot weren’t). one thing that helped my mood is that the weather vastly improved in sf this week, enough so that i felt like going shopping. the problem with shopping this time of year is most stores are focusing on their new spring merchandise, but it’s hard to wear neon colors and big florals when it’s foggy and overcast outside. but with sunny skies, i was ready to break out some sandals (or at least peep toe pumps).

the main place i wanted to go was the gap, as i heard that the pierre hardy designed shoes were finally available in the states. i arrived at the powell street flagship to find them almost front and center, behind the huge andy warhol display. i was mostly looking to check out the flat gladiator sandals, but when i arrived, i saw the perfect pair of black pointy toe flats. i’ve been searching for a pair forever as an antedote to all the ballet flats that are out there. i also didn’t want to spend a fortune, and these were only $78! since it was a european collection, the sizing was european, where i normally wore an eight. not so in these. they were too long. ugh. luckily, i saw a 7, so i grabbed those, eagerly planning out all the outfits i would wear them with in my head. but then i tried them on. could it be? they were really too tight? sadly, yes. my heart sunk. maybe it was just the closed toe shoes. i tried the gladiators, in a 7 and an 8. no dice. i left the store with two t-shirts, on special 2 for $30. a woman who was also trying to the flats next to me was leaving at the same time. i didn’t see a gap bag in her hand.

i came home, determined to find a perfect pair of closed toe flats and i found them, at j.crew. they’re a bit more than the gap ones, but the classic styling means i can wear them with anything. in the end, i found just what i was looking for.

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