February 7, 2011

a fabulous makeover.

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the world of e-commerce moves so swiftly, you may need a scorecard to keep up with all the changes. in order to keep the attention of a.d.d. consumers like myself, you need to keep your content and your look fresh. some of the biggest names in online shopping have either overhauled or updated their sites recently, and now tobi.com has also given itself a fresh new look.

the homepage features a large scrolling area with brand spotlights, gift guides, and trend reports. you can also see what the new arrivals are right on the homepage as well. in the men’s and women’s sections, the layout is cleaner and wider, with larger images, and a way to sort categories by price, designer, or style. individual product pages not only feature different views of each piece, but a zoom feature and meaurements/size of the model. definitely comes in handy if your purchasing a product from a designer you never have before.

if you check out the new tobi site now, you can get 20% off your purchase if you use the code JCOUTURE20. with valentine’s day fast approaching, you can pick something up for that certain someone, or yourself!