February 6, 2007

f/w 07.08 new york: marc jacobs.

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what do you get if you put guy bourdin, yves saint laurent, claire mccardell and halston in a blender, add a sprinkling of spice and a dash of daring? you get the fall/winter marc jacobs show. marc said he was tired of women looking like girls so away with the leggings and babydolls and out with sophisticated, grown-up clothes.

the looks included trousers worn with boatneck tunics, calf length pleated shirtdresses, belted sweater vests and vests over vests, long, straight gold button cashmere coats, slim jumpsuits and ribbed sweaters.

for evening, he kept similar silhouettes, but added glam fabrics like duchess satin and hammered lame. bow collar minidresses, long gowns with sequined bodices, and tuxedos with ribbed velvet pants, all worn with short leather gloves and cloche hats.

and being a marc show, of course the accessories were equally stylish. buckled ostrich bags with intricate enamel closures, 70s style rope pendant necklaces, chunky cocktail rings