September 29, 2010

are you in or are you out?

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i have loved the direction that raf simons has taken the house of jil sander since taking over the house from its namesake designer five years ago. he has expanded the sander vocabulary while staying true to ms. sander and its minimalist, almost unisex heritage. now that minimalism is a hot trend, simons, like narciso rodriguez, looked to something new to stand out in the sea of sameness. the thing is, i’m on the fence if this collection is a brilliant parade of color of silhouettes that evoke the classic couture houses (dior, balenciaga) or a mishmash of hard to wear shapes that make even the best looking women appear dumpy. have we become so accustomed to seeing women dress a certain way that when we see something completely different, we are so thrown that we immediately lump it into the trash pile? or when everyone is falling into two groups, the philophiles and the balmainiacs, is this a breath of fresh air. i for one am still debating and interested in hearing both sides.

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