March 29, 2016

the new look: tuesday blues.

the new look

 photo jadore-couture-tuxedo-blazer.jpg
 photo jadore-couture-blue-bustier.jpg
 photo jadore-couture-bustier-skinny-jean.jpg
 photo jadore-couture-black-blazer-skinny-jean.jpg
 photo jadore-couture-blue-bustier.jpg

we’ve all had times when you feel like you’re stuck and right now i’m going through one of those. i’ve been struggling with creating more of a work/life balance, and also feeling that i should be doing more than i am. but then i think about what’s already on my plate and adding something else to it seems daunting. meghan wrote a great post about her quest to find balance, and some things she’s doing to help with this. i have also been exploring some things since the start of the new year (actually since last september), but again, because of other priorities in my life, i haven’t been able to really devote myself to it. one of those things is to take a vacation. a real one. not one to visit my family or to go to fashion week, but somewhere tropical, some place new. in the meantime, i’m also reading this that a friend posted to facebook yesterday. we can be our hardest critics, and we can’t control everything. work hard, and trust the timing of your life.

on another note, i picked up this bustier from the olivia palermo + chelsea 28 collaboration a few weeks back and had just recently had the chance to wear it to the office and then to dinner. there are lots of beautiful pieces in the line, and most retail for under $200.

isabel marant for h and m blazer (similar here and here), olivia palermo + chelsea 28 bustier, seven for all mankind jeans, manolo blahnik pumps, super sunglasses, dior earrings, céline clutch

photos by alex drysdale