March 4, 2020

far from buttoned up.

the new look

j crew houndstooth suit nike sneakers
black and white houndstooth suit

i’ve always said my style is a mash up of masculine and feminine, and recently i’ve been leaning into a bit more streetwear. i wanted this black and white houndstooth suit from j. crew since november, and i got it during their black friday sale. there’s a few things i like about the suit: the jacket has more jean jacket styling with flap pockets at the chest and a collar, but the sleeves are bracelet-length and flare out slightly. it looks chic with the matching skirt but also with jeans, trousers, or a solid skirt.

j crew houndstooth suit white belt bag
black and white houndstooth suit white clutch
j crew black and white tweed suit nike sacai daybreak sneakers

rather than styling this suit in a traditional way, i added a streetwear twist and went with a white belt bag/clutch combo, and these nike x sacai daybreak sneakers. i’m not a sneakerhead by any means, so spending over $200 for a pair of sneakers seems crazy, but these are so cool and super comfortable. i got these veja’s (i get questions about the comfort level, and i’d say they have been the easiest to break in) and the nike air force 1 in silver (now on sale) since i’ve been getting so much wear from the white ones.

the theme this week has been get shit done…editing from last week’s shoot, working on another exciting shoot this weekend, planning some upcoming travel, and making little updates around my apartment. taking this energy into the rest of the week!

j. crew jacket and skirt, atm muscle t-shirt, nike x sacai sneakers, future glory belt bag, argento vivo earrings

photos by shannon righetti strom