November 15, 2009


the glossies

i won’t even get into the cover of december’s harper’s bazaar. suffice it to say that new moon groupies everywhere are very, very happy and based on bazaar’s twitter there are probably alot of new subscribers.

i was hoping the editorials would make up for the lackluster cover (although i do admit, she looks great in alexander mcqueen) and there was one standout, “fantasy fashion” by peter lindbergh. the always stunning and theatrical maria carla boscono shines as a moulin rouge-esque performer, decked out in gucci, nina ricci, armani, dior and vuitton, among others (kudos to fashion editor aleksandra woroniecka great selections). boscono is truly made to be in editorials and campaigns, as she brings that je ne sais quoi to even the most bland concepts. it’s not that the big top theme hasn’t been done before, it’s that it had never looked so good.

scans by behansu at thefashionspot