March 6, 2009

shoe candy.

personal shopper

tonight, barneys hosted a cocktail party with creative director simon doonan that was all about shoes. while drinking rosé champers, i wandered around the mezzanine paradise that’s also home to dries, balenciaga, manolo, yves, and others. the sandals from balenciaga were insanely gorgeous–one delicate yet strong, while the runway’s futurism seemed much more realistic.

the cage booties from ysl were pretty cool but are probably not very comfortable. after oogling some neoprene pierre hardys, i chatted to simon (looking quite dapper in a velvet blazer, dark jeans and hogan sneakers) about some black patent louboutin simple pumps i had my eye on, which he said were the quinessential shoe. too bad i forgot my gift cards that i got over the holidays.

there was a raffle at the end of the night, and simon was as cute as ever, saying if you won “you have to scream like you were called on the price as right.” some of the women obliged. unfortunately, i didn’t get the chance to. but as simon said as we headed out into the night “we’re all winners.”