March 27, 2009

one world.

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tonight i attended a trunkshow at clary sage organics, a great organic apothacary and clothing store on fillmore street for the brand edun, hosted by co-founder ali hewson. hewson, wife of u2’s bono (another co-founder), teamed with rogan and loomstate’s rogan gregory to develop not only an organic clothing line, but one that would give money back to the communities who help develop and manufacture the collection. the spring/summer line’s theme is “origin of the species,” where african themes were merged into the romanticism of european fashions. for women, airy tanks had beaded beetles, dotted tops had a trim of animals around the top, and tunics were in colorful leopard spots. for men, there were tees with tribal masks or river graphics, pinstriped chambray shirts, and easy linen cropped cargos.

hewson said that edun works with factories that are already in emerging countries, but what those countries really need is more business and more trade. she, bono and the rest of the edun team spend time to understand the culture of the country and collaborate with the factories to help them grow on their own rather than accepting charity or handouts. it’s a very intereresting concept that hopefully more clothing manufacturers will adopt.

check out the edun and nude skincare (which hewson also co-founded) pop-up shop at clary sage organics through april 9.