January 1, 2018

thoughts on: end of year reflections.

on a personal note

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here we are, at the start of another year and i’m reflecting on the past year and looking forward with optimism to 2018. while 2016 was the hardest year of my life, it ended on a high note—spending almost 2 1/2 weeks in europe then new year’s at disneyland. in 2017, i was determined to rebuild myself in a way. i didn’t make as many big trips, but they were all very meaningful—visiting of my dearest friends in ohio, another one in the hamptons, going to coachella with lindsay, toured st. jude & target house in memphis with anh and had an amazing long weekend in calistoga. i also got to attend another fashion week in february and art direct work photoshoots in palm springs & nyc. but mainly, i spent a lot of time being present, focusing on my own growth & self-care. i also got better at saying no, which isn’t always easy for me, but is totally ok. you’ve gotta listen to you.

so what’s ahead? i’m planning some trips in the u.s and abroad, getting back to a regular running schedule (and maybe a race or two) after some time away, and i’ve got a few other things up my sleeve personally and professionally. i’m also thinking of the future of this space, and i have some things happening behind the scenes that i’m excited about. i’d also love to hear what you want to see more (or less) of. so please let me know below or send me a message.

thank you thank you thank you so much for following along on this journey, and i appreciate every comment, like, share and email. here’s to more progress towards your dreams in 2018!

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