January 24, 2017

spring/summer 2017 couture: chanel.


 photo jadore-couture-chanel-spring-2017-couture1a.jpg
 photo jadore-couture-chanel-spring-2017-couture.jpg
 photo jadore-couture-chanel-spring-2017-couture2.jpg
 photo jadore-couture-chanel-spring-2017-couture3.jpg
 photo jadore-couture-chanel-spring-2017-couture6.jpg
 photo jadore-couture-chanel-spring-2017-couture1.jpg
 photo jadore-couture-chanel-spring-2017-couture5.jpg
 photo jadore-couture-chanel-spring-2017-couture-sequins.jpg

there is a famous clip of andré leon talley where he says “there is a famine of beauty…my eyes are starving for beauty!” well beauty was all around at the chanel haute couture show. instead of an elaborate set of an airplane, train station, or brasserie, the show was set in a room full of mirrors (reminiscent of the stairway in mademoiselle chanel’s apartment), all the better to see all the intricacies and angles of the suits, cocktail dresses, coats, and gowns. and while some of the silhouettes were more traditional—pencil, ball gown, etc.—there was a grouping of egg shaped pieces, inspired by alberto giacometti’s spoon woman. no doubt you probably won’t see those on the oscar red carpet, but hopefully one of the feature and sequin confections makes the cut.

some immediate takeaways: very few black looks, skirt suits in a variety of lengths, belts on everything (as well as the same iridescent pump), and anklets (this time in pearls) make a comeback.

images via getty, vogue.com, theguardian.co.uk