March 21, 2016

fall/winter 2016 paris: dries van noten.


dries. van. noten. when people talk about the amazingness that is gucci, i counter with the eclectic fantasticness that is dries, especially this fall collection. he is a master when it comes to mixing prints and textures in a way that doesn’t feel contrived or costume-y. it also feels grown up, perfectly suited to a woman who is strong, confident, and unapologetic about herself or her choices. when the review of the collection popped up on, i was immediately struck by this quote by sarah mower: “inexplicably, even in the century when such huge purchasing wealth is concentrated in the hands of successful women over the age of 40, only a handful of luxury fashion designers give a single thought to dressing them.” not only dressing them, but dressing them well—and in a modern, not stodgy or unsexy way. hands down, my favorite collection of the season.

photos via vogue