September 12, 2008

s/s 2009 new york: calvin klein.

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speaking of anniversaries, calvin klein is celebrating the big 4-0. and in terms of what was shown for spring, creative director francisco costa is clearly not looking back. the completely futuristic collection was heavy on the minimalism and on interesting, avant garde silhouettes, some of which aren’t entirely wearable by women who aren’t a size 2. but never mind that…it was cooler to look at than to consider if it’s realistic. it was mostly a sea of whites and silvers, save for two cobalt blue cocktail dresses. the cuts were architectural, origami angles, creating “hips” and “breasts” on otherwise basic shifts. besides the basics (skinny capri pants, sleeveless day dresses, hip slung belted skirts), there were also glittery crewneck sweaters, a silver “tweed” see through plastic coat, and big button knee length coats. the collection was a glimpse into a future i for one am yearning to see more of.

pics from catwalking