May 1, 2007

are you blind?

celeb spotting

natalia vodianova in givenchy (left) and calvin klein

the vogue editors always puzzle me with their “best dressed” pics of the week. every week usually has a socialite (this week it’s margherita missoni), a model (natalia vodianova, again and christy turlington), and an actress (kirsten dunst, sjp, liv tyler, and kate bosworth).

some of the choices seriously border on the bizarre. kate hudson looks like a child in this chanel, and eugenia nicharos is ridiculous in giambatistta valli (really, no one would look good in this dress). and anna wintour continues her love affair with natalia vodianova, who very rarely in my opinion gets it right at events. the lone exception was her flawless dior haute couture gown from the vanity fair oscar party, but even then she ruined it with her hair and makeup.

there are the few weeks where they get it right, although they aren’t picking with much variety. it’s easy to look good at a dinner for nina ricci if you’re wearing nina ricci. and the oscars? i mean, how hard is it to pick 10 best dressed from that lot. everyone is in their sunday finest, and most are picked by a stylist.

it would be nice if some of the future best dressed pics were outside of the vogue box, and more women that are all about individual style. choosing patricia lansing (neé herrera) and turlington this week were positive steps in the right direction. let’s hope this list doesn’t become an exercise in popularity.

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