March 3, 2014

wear anywhere: the leather moto jacket.

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when it comes to outerwear, there are really just a few pieces that will sustain you through an entire year, and the moto jacket is one of them. this timeless style originated around early 1900’s, with the first shearling versions made for aviators in the first world war. then in 1928 irving schott of schott brothers created “the perfecto,” the iconic moto jacket style featuring thick leather, a waist belt, and a flap zip closure that wouldn’t let air in while riding a motorcycle. the perfecto has been worn by marlon brando in the wild ones, james dean in rebel without a cause, and by the band the ramones, cementing its image in the counter culture. since then, the perfecto style has made its way onto the runways of every major city and reached iconic status. and while it has definitely gone mainstream, it’s the perfect way to add a bit of edge to any ensemble, from casual shorts and retro sneakers to a print maxi dress to the red carpet.

Check out some options below for real and faux leather options, in black and other colors of the rainbow…

images via atlantic-pacific, collage vintage, steven alan, this time tomorrowwendy’s lookbook, us magazine, because i’m fabulous, style snooper dan