August 21, 2014

thursday thoughts.

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i read this post on corals and cognacs today (thanks hallie!) and it got me thinking about my own life and the blog. this blog has always been my happy place, where i can share my love of fashion, design, style, whatever i feel like and not necessarily let the outside world in. because sometimes it’s not super pretty. there are times when i’ve tried to find that happy place where i can write and create content and it hasn’t been easy, like recently. even though i’ve been at this for 10 years (!), i don’t feel like an expert. i’m figuring this whole thing out as i go along, and how to fit it into the rest of my life, especially when “the rest of my life” has taken a trip to crazytown. so i’m taking a step back, and silencing the mind—refocusing on a few things.

so anywoo, the point of this is to say, thank you for continuing to stop by here, and for tweeting, repinning, commenting, for keeping the conversations going. for being virtual friends. because we all need them. and rosé…that is much needed too.

“what’s chic now” by daniel jackson / harper’s bazaar september 2013 / model: iselin steiro / stylist: alastair mckimm / hair: esther langham / makeup: francelle / photo fashionscansremastered via the fashionspot / design by kim mitchell stokes