March 16, 2007

straight off the runway.


clockwise from top; naomi campbell, gemma ward, alek wek and erin wasson

fashionweeklive was a blast!

the show took a while to start, of course, just like shows in new york. it was a blur of fashionable san franciscans drinking champagne and showing off the newest styles (i spotted alot of chloe, gucci, and louboutin heels).

once inside, each chair had a program with the list of models, designers and the designers inspirations for fall 07.08. francisco costa of calvin klein had to cancel his appearance at the last minute, so pete som filled in.

once the lights went down, a movie was projected on the screen of naomi campbell walking the runway in new york, then “walking” on a skyline of san francisco. then the lights came up and there was miss naomi, walking down the runway as chic as ever.

the show was broked up into sections for day, color, men, cocktail and evening, plus special sections for featured designers colleen quen, lily samii and som. the biggest applauses of the night were for model alek wek and tyson beckford, who was the first exit in the mens section, gorgeous in john varvatos.

big cheers also for gemma ward, stunning in a one-of-a-kind zac posen creation that looked very hard to walk in.

because the show was so short (about 35-40 minutes) and there was only 2-3 looks from each designer, the whole thing felt very “quick.” i don’t know any other way around that except having the shows like in nyc, picking a few designers and doing full-on shows. i don’t see this happening anytime soon though. i also read an article in the wall street journal that said people were complaining about the ticket prices ($500 for the cheapest seat) and fern mallis and the CFDA are investigating lowering prices and bringing the event to more of the masses.

after the show, i wanted to hang out with some of the models and at least talk to some people, but the models must have high-tailed it out of there because they were no where to be found. many guests were already grabbing their goody bags and heading out, so i did too. the bags were great: stocked with a miguel androver polo, lots of samples from sephora, a swaroski keychain, a gift certificate to the blue jeans bar, and the latest issue of the saks catalog and san francisco magazine.

tyson, gemma and naomi pre show

pics from me and gettyimages