November 14, 2007



for those of you that are renee lovers, you’re in luck. not only is she on w with george, she’s got her very own cover of harpers bazaar. doing the pout thing she does so well, the cover looks a bit too summery for me (and lemon-y…what’s with glenda’s yellow covers?). the subscribers cover is better, although not much, with renee having no neck and using her chin to hold up her dress. didn’t carolina herrera or andré teach her to stand up straight?

anywoo, don’t judge a book by its cover because once again bazaar mixes it up inside with eds by peter lindbergh (featuring amber valletta), terry tsoilis (with denisa dvorakova) and camilla akrans (with masha novoselova). that’s what i love about bazaar…they have a great mix of models and photographers, and even though they have their favorites, you can never predict the model lineup (unlike you-know-who).

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