October 17, 2007

someone is turning in her grave.


throughout the year, glenda bailey has been doing short pieces in harper’s bazaar alluding to the magazine’s 140th anniversary. the articles have been a bit of a let-down in my book: bazaar has such a great history in terms of design and photography that the little snippets hardly do it justice. well when i heard that the november issue was the magazine’s “blockbuster” anniversary issue, i expected something along the lines of what vogue did for their last anniversary issue.

no, we get jennifer aniston, who isn’t promoting anything, as the cover girl. even though jen is apparently the #1 mag seller here in the states, she still has nothing to do with this being the anniversary of a great women’s mag. i’m sure liz tilberis, who revived the mag from the brink of suburbia, isn’t happy.

inside there’s a retrospective of fashion from each decade featuring lily donaldson, sasha pivovarova, freja, gemma and more, an “american idol” themed ed with amber valletta as a contestant which also includes the idol judges, and a couture ed with stam and snejana. hopefully the contents have saved the cover.

pic from wwd