September 6, 2007

season of the chop.


did it start with anja rubik? the polish stunner really stunned all by cutting her blond locks into a cool asymetrical bob that showed up on many a runway and in the f/w 07.08 chloé ads.

maybe anja talked to her chloé co-star freja beha ericsen because yesterday she was spotted at bcbg with a new haircut. well not entirely new. she told fashionista that she actually cut it about 2 months ago…must have been right after resort/couture season.

now the latest to go short? argentinian milagros schmoll, who truth be told, was never one of my faves (poor man’s cintia dicker?), but after seeing her in bcbg, l.a.m.b., and adam lippes, i haven’t been able to look away. her lovely reddish locks look hot hot hot short, and it really shows off her eyes and incredible bone structure.

one girl not doing the crop? lovely angela lindvall, who opened rag & bone yesterday. welcome back!

pics from getty and my scans