August 20, 2007

oops, he did it again.


i love tom ford. what i love about tom is that he does what he wants. he wants to run an ad with full frontal male nudity? sure! want to do a photoshoot with him waxing robots? why not! while i’m eagerly awaiting his womenswear line, mr. ford is continuing to beef up (no pun intended) his other offerings, like fragrances. after already shooting a safer ad campaign with marilyn minter, ford went back to his sexy, graphic ways, pairing with fave terry richardson, reshooting the ads in a much more provocative manner. the most shocking of the ads is a nude woman covering her va-ga-ga with the bottle. so far, only details magazine has committed to running the bottom half ad; interview and v man are running the top half (surprising for v man…they have nude models all the time). vanity fair and gq haven’t made up their minds. look for the ads coming soon to october mags.


images from wwd