October 3, 2006

spring 2007 paris: balenciaga.

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nicolas ghesquiere explored a futuristic theme at balenciaga, incorporating armor and synthetic fabrics into the spring collection. the first part of the show was exquisitely cut suiting, from three quarter length jackets and vests, sleeveless shirts, leather motorcycle jackets, and skinny hip slung trousers.

the next section moves into ruched leather dresses, with asymmetrical necklines, chiffon straps and see through panels. then back into the suiting, trading black heavy satin for gunmetal and gold lame, quilted military style jackets, and tuxedo shirts. mens-style shirts became dresses, worn under leather vests, woolen capes, or in a black silk with gold circle print loosely belted.

the last section featured armored and sectioned jackets and skirts, worn with leather leggings, loose paisley print tunics and leggings with plastic armor plates or gold quilted padding, cropped leather jackets and vests, and heavy chain mail dresses with sleeveless tees.

the accessories were equally strong and technical: pierre hardy worked sandals out of a birkenstock footbed and added metallic mesh and croc straps, and a bicycle chain, or on a platform with criss-cross croc straps in chocolate and white.