December 2, 2008

i love the 80s, part deux.


this year, he’s collaborated with takashi murakami, richard prince, sofia coppola, and rei kawakubo. now jacobs is doing a new stephen sprouse for vuitton collection that will include a new rose print and the graffiti now comes in highlighter bright pink, orange and lime green. the bags (which will come in the speedy, keepall and neverfull) and accessories (like wallets and coin purses) will hit stores january 9. the collection release with coincide with a sprouse retrospective (“rock on mars”) at deitch projects as well as a book. marc will be “showing off” (and i use that term loosely) the new collection in january’s harpers bazaar in a shoot with terry richardson.

i originally bought a speedy and a pochette from the first collection, but i since sold the speedy, and the pochette is a little worse for wear, but still loved. i know this is going to sell like hotcakes, even more so than the other collabos this year. the jokes bags, as well as the comme des garcons were a bit “out there,” and the murakami monogramouflage was just plain ugly. for everyone proclaiming the end of the “it” bag, this will be the bag worth having come january.

pics from wwd