November 7, 2012

go/see/buy: elizabeth cole jewelry

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i’m not quite sure when i fell in love with elizabeth cole jewelry, but it’s become a go-to name for me for any occasion. the line, started in 2005 by stephanie owen, uses vintage coins and chains, crystals, and stones, and she is collaborated with zac posen on jewelry for his runway shows. usually i find her pieces on gilt or charm & chain, so i was very excited to attend a trunkshow at a gorgeous pacific heights apartment. normally when you think “trunkshow,” it’s an edited selection of pieces, but this was like jewelry overload. i literally could not decide what to get. i chatted with owen about the new spring pieces (like the bracelet in the bottom photo above), which combine more art deco geometric elements (which i love) and pyrite for a very interesting organic mix. she’s also excited about finally getting on twitter and connecting with more fans. so what did i come away with? a great pair of topaz colored earrings with brass chains, and a chunky chain and turquoise stone twisted bracelet (last photo) that i was contemplating a few weeks ago. no matter what your jewelry style is, from over-the-top showstoppers, to the more delicate and feminine, elizabeth cole has something for you.

elizabeth cole jewelry (twitter | facebook), sign up for the mailing list to be notified of upcoming events and trunkshows; available online at charm & chain,,, max & chloe, and anthropologie

outfit details from last photo here