February 6, 2008

f/w 08.09 nyc: marc by marc jacobs.


marc jacobs was in an eighties mood at the marc by marc show, and that suited me just fine. hey, i’m a child of the 80s, and he seemed to pick only the cool trends to revive from that era (which meant black tights, not leggings).

my favorite looks were the dresses, from the opening exit to the tattersall plaid belted versions, to the neon-tinged sweaterdresses. the skirts were slim and full of punk zippers. also cool, as always, were the coats. i loved the oversized houndstooth navy/black one as well as two black on black kimono sleeve pieces. definitely on my wishlist, the leather bateau neckline minidress and the ending cocktail dresses. if i were a young girl, i’d rock the hot pink and black houndstooth dress to a school dance. if i could convince my mom to spend $300+ on a dress.

pics from coutorture