March 18, 2015

fall/winter 2015 paris: louis vuitton.

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when nicolas ghesquiere was at balenciaga, in my mind he could do no wrong. lego shoes? sure. mining the archives? glorious. paisley skinny suits? where can i sign up. but as fashion goes, things change, and ghesquiere hopped over to vuitton, where he took over from the also talented marc jacobs. but then something happened…the first ghesquiere designed collection came out and i didn’t gasp. it was all very functional, a word i wasn’t used to hearing in conjuction with his name. the last few collections have fallen too much on the seventies side for my liking, a little too retro and slightly too boho, and then of course everything right now seems to be about the seventies because nicolas. he along with a select few (phoebe philo among them) seem to have their pulse on the next thing before anyone knows it’s the next thing.

but then this collection happened, and in a flash he was on to the next faster than you could say patchwork leather. at first, it seemed like all of the things. but then, as i took it in again and again, i could see forward. come fall (or sooner), i was going to need some close-to-the-body ribbed knits. and a chain belt. and maybe some metallic paisley from my eighties archives. it felt young but not in the saint laurent kind of way. the ghesquiere who made me want things i didn’t know i wanted is back, and i for one am glad.

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