November 8, 2007

champagne wishes and caviar dreams.


i remember being a little kid, and i loved when the j.c. penney and sears “big books” would come in the mail. i would lug that thing around everywhere, and make lists for my parents with the page numbers, item numbers, descriptions and sizes (and/or colors) of everything on my wish list. today my tastes have expanded past toughskins cords and model cars and there are retailers out there that are catering to people like me (or those that are like me and have more money).

the gap is offering with a limited edition crazy stripe vespa LX50 (pictured above) available for $6,000, which is alot for a scooter that has a max speed of 40mph. in fact, you can get the vespa LX150, which has a max speed of 60 and gets 72 mpg, for $4,300. people also might mistake your gap vespa for a coach vespa. i think i will get one of the crazy stripe v-neck sweaters…taste the rainbow!

marc jacobs stones paloma bag, $1,875

something else on my wishlist: a marc jacobs stones bag. i’ve been in love with these ever since i saw them on the runway in february. too bad they start at $1,875 with the croc ones running into the tens of thousands. when i went to the marc store on maiden lane a few weeks ago to oogle them, my friend tiffany showed me some new styles that are stamped croc…easier on the wallet, but not that easy. maybe they’ll end up in the 70% off bin.

something else i loved from the f/w shows is the proenza schouler collection, especially this coat. the detailing is insane, the shearling is super soft, and it looks so cool and dramatic. i eye it everytime i’m in barneys, where it sits, taunting me. at $3,625, i should buy two! there’s always proenza schouler for target…there are still some pieces on ebay.

pics from fashionweekdaily, and